Funky Festivals of the Past

There have been some strange and intriguing festivals recorded in history. Some festivals have their origin many millennia ago, while others were celebrated during medieval times. Most of the festivals celebrated in ancient times were of a religious or spiritual nature. Here is a look at some of these festivals.

Festival of Saturnalia

This festival was celebrated by the Romans during the winter solstice. The celebration was held to honor the god Saturn. This occasion was initially celebrated for one day but eventually grew into a week-long celebration. The festivities usually involved paying respects to the god of time and agriculture. This Roman celebration included masters and their slaves.

The Festival of Yule

Celtic traditions in northern Europe celebrated the festival of Yule. Celebrations involved the sun (viewed as a wheel responsible for the change of seasons). The word Yule was derived from the word “wheel’’. The festivities were typically held during winter. Many of the Celtic traditions and beliefs are still followed by some religions today.

The Festival of Akitu

This festival celebrated the coming of spring. In ancient Babylonia, the marriage of the god Marduk to earth (Ishtar) signified the change in seasons. Members of the Babylonian society would have a feast to celebrate this union. It was also believed that heaven and earth united during this time of year.

The Babylonians would also celebrate various culture activities such as reciting poems during the occasion. The kings often arranged marriages during these times as well.

Feeling the nostalgia

Many traditions and festivals today have certain links to the past. Most people do not recognize the connection that past affairs have with the present. It is hard not to feel a little bit of nostalgia by looking at how past cultures celebrated an occasion.