Breathtaking Festival Attractions Around the World

The human imagination has no end when it comes to inventing new forms of entertainment to capture audiences’ attention. Some classic attractions are reimagined to present new concepts and ideas. Camp Verde Promotions offers some mind-blowing festival attractions around the world.

Las Vegas on the Road

The popularity of the casino town, Las Vegas, is known throughout the world. The famous hotels and casinos in Las Vegas are often behind some of the best festivals in the USA. Festivals celebrating the life and legacy of slots and table games incorporate some of the best casino attractions. Some events celebrate online casinos like PlayStar (

The Mud Festival

The beautiful town of Boryeong hosts the mud festival in South Korea. This annual event is not meant for those who do not like to get their hands dirty. The attractions include inflatables and zip-lining (into the mud, of course). Other activities like mud wrestling, dancing, or swimming in mud also take place. They throw in some fireworks as well for spectators.

Cheung Chau Bun Festival

Everyone loves a freshly baked bun. This annual event features towers of buns that fill the streets of Cheung Chau in Hong Kong. These are, in fact, scalable towers of buns. One thing is sure, and that is no attendee will go hungry on this occasion. Bring peanut butter and jelly and climb those sweet and savory buns to the top!

Find festivals nearby

Looking at all the interesting festivals hosted worldwide, it could be a good thing to check in at a festival nearby to get in touch with the community. There is always some event or festival going on in the world. Festivals are meant to be a memorable occasion. So go on, join in, and make some memories.