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This site features engaging articles about events and festivals from the past and present. Read the various topics to learn more about the growing industry. Learn how non-profit organizations contribute to these events and how people from all over the world join in the celebrations.

Fantastic events and festivals for every occasion

The modern age has ushered in a new era of events that have brought a theme for every style and occasion. Find out more about how some traditional festivals are still popular today, while modern festivals are becoming more prevalent. Read about festivals hosted in Arizona and in other parts of the USA.

Discover breathtaking festivals around the world

Fascinating events are happening annually all over the world. Most of these events have been around for many generations. From the crazy mud festival in South Korea to the secluded Burning Man in Arizona, look at some of the world’s most daring festivals. These festivals are known to attract tens of thousands of people from around the world.

Stay intrigued with some weird attractions of the past

There has been some freaky attractions and events in the past. Follow this article to read more about some crazy ideas that have since gone out of fashion. Although some of these ideas and events are still popular in some circles. Learn how some of these ideas are still being entertained today.

Non-profit organizations that organize festivals in the USA

Find out all there is about charities and non-profit organizations that host popular festivals in the USA. Contribute to a cause during the celebrations. Read how it’s possible to make a difference by attending one of these festivals or events. Help others to join in on the celebrations.

Explore the history of festivals in the USA

Festivals have been around since ancient times. Learn about the origin of this phenomenon and how it has changed through the centuries. Go back to the 1960s to learn when festivals became popular in the USA and how it has grown into one of today’s wealthiest industries. Experience a little bit of nostalgia by tuning in to the past.

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